Written by Sal Westrich and Denise Brossman


An entire village, collaborators included, decided to save a child. Flowers of Autumn is a true story of friendship between two seven year old boys, Sami Koenigsberg and Jean-Francois Signac. That the former is Jewish and the latter Catholic is not a factor in this relationship, although it will have a decisive effect on their lives. For the date is 1942 and the Jews of St. Privat des Pres are about to be deported and put to death. The simple joys and tribulations of two typical pre-adolescents are set against the larger social and human issues: the subtle encroachments of war on the passive population of a German occupied zone; the effects of terror on victims and witnesses; the psycho-logic of Nazi violence; the possibility of emotional survival in the face of human dismemberment. This reality becomes central in the lives of the two children who must now continue to live in a world whose coherence has suddenly vanished. This reality remains central to our world nearly 75 years later, truth be told, lessons be learned.
Film Status

The film is seeking co-producers and additional financing.


Born in France, Dr. Sal Alexander Westrich is first and foremost, survivor in the most profound sense. A professor of History at Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, New York; Harvard and Columbia educated, Sal is an expert on a plethora of subjects: wine and winemaking; absinthe, the Green Faery; the assassination of Henry lV; the last days of Haitian hero Toussaint Louverture; the murder of Hitler's mistress in Munich; the history of Basque architecture; Vincent Van Gogh; and many more.

The Director

/Idealist, CEO of Edendale Pictures LLC. Kate Perotti works in both NY and LA, continues to be integrally involved in cutting edge films, photography, mixed media, art and commerce. Called a “creative powerhouse” by UK FastMedia Magazine she is first and foremost a vision-oriented innovator who is willing to take risks, work with dogged perseverance, determination and generosity of spirit at each level. In production, she has worked in nearly every position behind the camera.

MOMz Hot ROCKs was Kate's first feature documentary that has been licensed to Alcon Entertainment to develop Rock Star Mommy from the book by Judy Davids. Kate will serve as Executive Producer.

Kate is a Los Angeles Emmy award winning documentarian as Cinematographer on Community of Caring, produced by the DGA Women’s Steering Committee and Santa MonicaTV for local and national non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

Kate was an NEA recipient for an early digital public TV show called All About Madonna. She has given DIY workshops at Art Center, Pasadena and the LA Women’s Music Festival.

Billboard Magazine wrote about “community activist,” Kate Perotti when she produced a benefit music compilation, Schooloaf: Everything but the Crust Vol. 1, with original tracks by Flea, Ann Magnuson and eighteen local bands for Hilltop Nursery School in Silver Lake. It was voted one of the top ten albums of the year by Yeah Yeah magazine. As Executive Producer of track “Something to Brag About,” by Exene Cervenka and Stone Fox, it won Best Video at SXSW. The song was also second in Billboard’s New Song list, the video debuted and was featured on MTV News.

Kate has a BA cum laude in philosophy / art history / romance language and literature from Boston College. Kate attended Ecole Superiére des Beaux Arts in Paris, France for sculpture and later earned an MFA in Live Action/Experimental Film/Video from CalArts, where she produced their first ever digital graduate thesis project, Kardia Ton Cosmos which won acclaim at Taos Talking Pictures.

Ode was one of the first Pixelvision shorts made and was featured in PXL 10. In the nascence of digital video, Kate was a beta tester for Radius VideoVision and Apple digital video platforms. At Criterion Collection and its related Voyager Company, she collaborated with archivist Rick Prelinger on Call it Home: History of Suburbia amongst other classic film titles including the 50th Anniversary release of Citizen Kane. Kate was live action coordinator at Rhythm & Hues, LA and did special effects for SFX, NY. While living in Iceland, she received acclaim for a large multi media installation with local artists (and borrowed an amp from Bjork herself) for the national Digital Media Symposium.

In the late eighties, when the Living Theater returned to NYC after years of exile, Kate’s first job was both Stage Manager and Photographer. Legendary Judith Malina and Hannon Reznikov were company directors at the time. Their community-oriented philosophy continues to influence her work.

As entrepreneur, Kate created and sold original products and websites to finance her filmmaking. LoveHoney is launching autumn of 2017.

Kate serves as a juror and is on the board of advisors for the Bahamas International Film Festival.